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  • Cardiac careflow optimization

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    Cardiac careflow optimization

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  • Careflow provides insight into value-based stroke care

    Careflow provides insight into value-based stroke care

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Improving operational efficiency throughput with workflow redesign

As cardiology teams must continue to increase patient throughput and enhance patient care, our consultants can help you increase operational efficiency and patient capacity.

Staff and system utilization must be optimized, scheduling processes must be refined, and wait times must be minimized – all in an effort to improve patient throughput. We can help you improve workflow, leverage best practices, and implement new processes to reach department KPIs and performance goals.

An innovative approach

Using an innovative and collaborative approach, our consultants help identify strengths and weaknesses, redesign workflows, implement new processes, and monitor long-term results.


  • Assessment: Based on data analysis, an assessment is completed to determine baseline performance. Stakeholder interviews and observations are conducted and a gap analysis of key performance measures is developed.
  • Patient experience review: Leveraging an insights-based view of the patient journey, opportunities for improvement are identified. Work teams are established, each focused on a specific process or KPI (technology, workflow, scheduling, etc.). A market assessment helps determine strategic goals and new or revised clinical areas of focus.
  • Recommendations: Collaborating with clinical and management teams, prioritized recommendations focus on improving clinical process efficiency and patient throughput. New processes are tested and validated, or changed if necessary.
  • Implementation: Our consultants assist in implementing new processes and embedding sustainable change management programs.

Proven results*

Through patient-focused engagements, our consultants have helped clients achieve meaningful and sustainable results in clinical efficiency, patient throughput, and patient satisfaction:


  • 20% reduction in cath lab patient wait times at WMCHealth
  • Increased system utilization and decreased exam times
  • Improved patient workflow
  • Enhanced processes supports patient and staff satisfaction as well as staff retention
Cardiology Patient Flow Measures #1 infographic
Cardiology Patient Flow Measures #2 infographic
* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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