CT Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion (DMP)

Dynamic color maps provide an assessment of myocardial risk
This application supports visualization, diagnostic assessment, and quantification of cardiac images focusing on the left ventricular myocardium: specifically providing quantitative myocardial blood flow measurements for CT images, including the ability to identify areas of decreased perfusion within the myocardium that may represent ischemia. The application supports axial, ECG-gated CT images, consisting of multiple time shots of the same myocardial region over time. CT Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion displays the results as a composite image (single image that is calculated from a set of time course images at a single location).
dynamic myocardial perfusion thumbnail
  • Color map representation of the myocardial blood flow and blood volume.
  • Analysis through color map and time density curves of perfusion parameters.
  • The spatial alignment leads to improved quantification of myocardial perfusion.

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