CT Myocardial Defect Assessment

Assessing myocardial defects

Provides visual and quantitative assessment of segmented, low-attenuation defect areas within the myocardium from a single, gated cardiac CTA scan (retrospectively-gated spiral or Step and Shoot Cardiac).

The CT Myocardial Defect Assessment application is based on the robust, automatic, model-based, whole-heart segmentation from the CT Comprehensive Cardiac Analysis (CCA) application.

 myocardial defect assessment
  • Perform visual assessments of low-attenuation deficits within the left-ventricular myocardium via:

- color maps shown in short-axis views

- segmentation maps shown on short-axis and polar plots, displayed along with long-axis reference images

- volumetric visualization of coronary arteries along with segmentation maps displayed as an overlay on top of a 3D myocardial surface.