Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA)

Comprehensive vascular analysis planning

Multi Modality Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA)* is an application designed to examine and quantify different types of vascular lesions from CTA and MRA scans. AVA accommodates different modes of inspection, allows you to label different vascular lesions, and help you easily navigate through multiple findings.

CT Advanced Vessel Analysis (AVA) Stent Planning allows the user to access quantitative information and stent design parameters to provide specific inputs for interventional procedures such as EVAR.

advanced vessel analysis thumbnail
  • Robust bone removal algorithm provides 3D visualization of vessels.
  • Automatic tools, such as centerlines, vessel labeling, and inner
    and outer lumen contours as well as Automatic Series Creation
    (ASC) are designed to reduce the time to produce final results
    and contribute to consistency.
  • Easy navigation through multiple findings and once you are completed, export rich, customizable reports to your RIS or PACS.
  • User-defined options for comprehensive vascular analysis planning.
  • Tissue editing tools accessible from floating toolbar in selected viewport.
* Compared to the Philips EBW v4.x workstation.