MR Cardiac

Comprehensive cardiac review and quantifications for MR exams
MR Cardiac enables visualization via viewing protocols, of a single, multiple or all available cardiac series, including synchronization of cardiac phases. The fast initial review allows clinicians to quickly view the general results of cardiac heart exams and decide on the first analysis that is needed. Visual scoring can be done using an AHA bull’s eye plot.

The package enables comprehensive functional volumetric analysis for the ventricles, such as ejection fraction, wall motion, wall thickness and thickening. Identification of spatial enhancement based on intensity signal changes is included while bookmark functionality “frames” any view on the data that is relevant for saving or communicating to other physicians. MR Cardiac also allows for quick functional analysis using the Areal Length Ejection Fraction (ALEF) method.
cardiac thumbnail
  • Cardiac MR data labeling to enable fast reviews.
  • Cardiac phase and geometry linking for easy review.
  • MR Function semi-automatic and multiple manual segmentation tools for LV and RV.
  • Ability to see all slices of the SA series in one viewport.
  • Allows editing of source data and recalculatation of parametric maps by curve fitting using the Least Squares (LSQ) method.