MR Cardiac Whole Heart

Detailed 3D visualization of the segmented heart
MR Cardiac Whole Heart performs automatic segmentation of the heart into individual segments (e.g. LV, RV, atria, and coronaries).
cardiac whole heart thumbnail
  • Results can be presented in a high-quality 3D rendering, including 3D export formats (i.e. STL) for 3D printing.
  • ‘Create new tissue segment’ workflow to support segmentation based on ‘masking and seeding’.
  • Seed based segmentation.
  • Minimal user interaction due to improved 3D segmentation.
  • Provide one 3D view / model from different series and dynamics to support decision making in complex hemodynamic structures.
  • Prepare and export 3D models in a user defined smoothness, opacity and format suitable for 3D printing and surgical navigation software.