CT Brain Perfusion

Determine areas of reduced cerebral blood flow as compared to the contralateral hemisphere in ischemic stroke
Generates qualitative and quantitative information about changes in image intensity over time. Calculates and displays quantitative perfusion maps and provide summary maps which may help physicians in determining areas of reduced cerebral blood flow compared to the contralateral hemisphere.
brain perfusion thumbnail
  • Default summary maps make use of rigorously validated perfusion thresholds, which may be edited by the user according to his preference.
  • Automatic motion correction that can be manually further refined.
  • Quality indicators (“traffic lights”) point at possible acquisition faults that may affect the results.
  • Studies of sufficient scan duration, permeability analysis can be used to measure the contrast agent permeation of the blood-brain barrier.
  • Pre-defined ROI templates for systematic and reproducible quantitative regional results.