CT Spectral Tumor Tracking

IQon Spectral CT* Functionality
Offers a set of tools for tumor analysis. It allows the user to load several cases in parallel, each taken from a different examination time, segment and edit tumors, and perform lesion viewing and analysis based on different spectral data types.
spectral tumor tracking thumbnail
  • Viewing tumors with different spectral data types (VNC, iodine map).
  • Images at different energy levels (40-200 keV).
  • Iodine uptake measurements.
  • Intra-lesion material decomposition (calcium, other materials).
  • Intra-lesion effective atomic number.
* IQon CT reconstruction provides a single DICOM entity containing sufficient information for retrospective analysis - Spectral Base Image (SBI). SBI contains all the spectrum of spectral results with no need for additional reconstruction or post-processing. Spectral applications are creating different spectral results from SBI.