Multi Modality Tumor Tracking (MMTT)

Streamlined workflow for follow up and analysis of oncology patients
Multi Modality Tumor Tracking (MMTT) is a post processing software used to monitor disease state and assess treatment response.
tumor tracking thumbnail
  • The application is used to display, process, analyze, quantify and manipulate anatomical and functional images for CT, MR, PET/CT and SPECT/CT images and/or multiple time-points.
  • Offers enhanced semi-automatic volumetric segmentation, as well as selectable oncology response criteria including standards such as RECIST 1.0, RECIST 1.1, WHO, CHOI, PERCIST, irRC and mRECIST.
  • A quantitative overview of volumetric and functional features is organized for quick navigation.
  • The application also includes Glucose SUV, an option to calculate lesion uptake normalized by patient glucose level, as well as PET metabolic volume segmentation options based on percentage.