MR MobiView

Automatic review of total body MR data

MR MobiView combines multiple images into a single full-field view to review multi-scanner acquisitions. MobiView is displayed with a single mouse click in the IntelliSpace Portal Multi Modality Viewer. Zero-click display is also available using predefined protocol.

Key clinical cases are MRA run-offs, whole body metastases screening from eye-to-thighs, and total spine views to show the complete CNS. The resulting image series can be viewed, filmed, and exported using a DICOM compliant tool.

mobiview thumbnail
  • Fully automated composition of data sets from multi- station acquisitions into full FOV images.
  • Applications include Runoff MRA, Complete CNS and Complete Torso.
  • Display composite images stored, filmed and exported via DICOM and PC-compatible formats.
  • Images compatible with viewing, measurement, and processing tools, including MIP and MPR.