Upgrading to the latest X-ray technology with the Philips Loyalty program

By Philips ∙ Ton Litjes, Monique Peters, Astrid van Kemenade ∙ 14 May, 2024 ∙ 5 min

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DiaSana Diagnostic Center in Mill, Netherlands, upgraded to the latest Philips Radiography 7000 C - DigitalDiagnost C90, resulting in improved workflow and clinical outcomes. With a focus on personal attention, skilled staff, and short wait times, DiaSana conducts 80 to 120 X-rays daily in its two bucky rooms.

Customer story at-a-glance

  • Seizing Opportunities: Founded by Ton Litjes, DiaSana seized a market opportunity in 2005 by establishing an independent diagnostic center in Mill, Netherlands.
  • Strategic Upgrades: DiaSana upgraded to the Philips Radiography 7000 C - DigitalDiagnost C90, improving workflow, patient experience, and cybersecurity.

C90 Upgrade Diasana

DiaSana upgraded to the Philips Radiography 7000 C - DigitalDiagnost C90, benefiting from Philips' loyalty program.

“Competition in the healthcare sector was quite new at the time,” 
“That’s why we wanted to offer the market something that others couldn’t.” 

Disana Ton Litjes

Ton Litjes

Co-founder and CEO of DiaSana

“Back then, an independent clinic was something new for Philips, too. Working in partnership, we explored this new market and were able to implement many innovations at DiaSana. As an early adopter, we had direct access to all modern technology, and we shared our experiences so that Philips could further improve its products. It’s something that has always worked well.” adds Litjes.

Thriving under pressure

DiaSana has grown to become a leading diagnostic center for MRI, CT, and X-ray examinations. Many hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands refer patients  to Mill. The center images between 80 and 120 patients every day, across its two Diagnostic Radiography (DR) rooms. In mid-2021, this demand led the company to start looking for ways to relieve the internal workload. Their search focused on systems that offer ease of use and workflow efficiency, thus improving the patient experience and making the work of lab technicians easier, particularly when it comes to physical exertion. In addition, DiaSana had medium-term plans to move to bigger and more spacious premises, along with ViaSana, an orthopedic clinic that is in the same building. However, the lifespan of the DigitalDiagnost Rel.2 system in the first DR room would end before then. All in all, the situation begged the question: would it be possible to replace this system earlier and thus enable DiaSana to retain its state-of-the-art edge during the intermediate period? 

Thriving nnder pressure

Holistic approach 

The system in the first DR room was in fact too new to be replaced. What’s more, if DiaSana were to replace just one of its two systems, the commonality between the two bucky chambers would have been lost.

“We didn’t have to renovate the bucky room, which made a huge difference, too. That saved us between 40 and 50 percent of the initial purchase value of the new system. And it also made a difference that the DigitalDiagnost Rel 4x in the second DR room was relatively new and only required a software upgrade, instead of an extensive hardware upgrade or even a complete replacement.” 

Ton Litjes

Ton Litjes

Co-founder and CEO of Diasana

The upgrade brought the system in the second DR room to the same platform as the new DigitalDiagnost C90. Cybersecurity was also improved, providing better protection for patient data, for instance. It was Philips’ dedicated loyalty program that helped to finalize the business case. The trade-in value of DiaSana’s existing systems was favorable as Philips could take back several components, refurbish them, and then use them for other customers. 

“Together with Philips, we mapped out the total cost of ownership and we took a critical look at the relevant tipping points. Fortunately, by taking a holistic approach that included both systems as well as the associated service contracts, we were able to make a viable business case. We decided to install the new Philips Radiography 7000 C – DigitalDiagnost C90 in the first DR room and also upgrade the DigitalDiagnost Rel.4 in the second DR room to Windows 10.” adds Litjes.

Identifying and seizing opportunities are etched into the DNA of Ton Litjes, cofounder and general manager of DiaSana. In 2005 a chance came along that would change his life. Driven by market forces, the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital (CWZ), where he had worked for 20 years as Operational Manager, decided to invest in an independent diagnostic center. Outsourcing examinations to the center would reduce waiting times, shorten the back log of wait lists, and guarantee the continuity of imaging during periodic scheduled renovations. This gave Litjes the incentive to set up an independent center himself: DiaSana Diagnostic Center, in Mill. 

Operational in just six days

Once the decision was made, things started moving very quickly. The contract was signed in November 2021, and by February 2022, the new system was already up-and-running. For DiaSana, minimum downtime was an important consideration.

“Being an independent clinic makes you quite vulnerable; you’d rather your customers didn’t have to turn to a competitor. The existing system was disassembled on a Friday and the new system was installed on the following Monday. A week later, everything was operational and all employees had received the necessary training. So, the actual downtime was just six days. We were able to manage this thanks to our second DR room, which was subsequently upgraded.” 

Monique Peters

Monique Peters

Manager at DiaSana

Lighter, easier, quicker 

Philips Radiography 7000 C- DigitalDiagnost C90 has quickly proved its worth in several areas. “The Eleva Tube Head is much lighter to operate,” Peters continues. “Many standard positions are already pre-programmed. There are fewer actions to do yourself, making the workflow both easier and quicker. Thanks to the Eleva Tube Head’s live camera, lab technicians can immediately see whether a patient is in the right position, which is particularly helpful if you are working alone. It’s a feature that wasn’t one of our initial requirements but that has, in retrospect, turned out to be very useful. It also translates into fewer retakes.” The all-important commonality between the systems has been retained, allowing the radiographers to continue to work in both rooms. Detectors can also be interchanged between both systems. “We were able to keep the patient stand for stitching images, as well as several other accessories for the wireless detectors, which, incidentally, can easily be exchanged between the two rooms. That was an additional cost-saving,” adds Peters. The radiographers are very satisfied with the new system. 

“It’s much easier to use, particularly when it’s busy. Working with the live camera took a bit of getting used to, but it offers a lot of convenience for us and the patients. And the traffic light system makes us more vigilant when it comes to the radiation dose. It’s a good reminder.”

Lab technician

Astrid van Kemenade

Lab technician at DiaSana


DigitalDiagnost C90 also ticks the boxes from a sustainability perspective. “Philips disassembled the old equipment and took it back for recycling. The new system is guaranteed recyclable, too. Philips is paving the way for a closed cycle, with full circularity as the ultimate goal. That’s important for us, too” says Litjes. The renewed systems have set DiaSana up for the foreseeable future. “We are immediately benefiting from the innovations and, thanks to the service contract, we can count on stable costs,” enthuses Litjes. “Philips proactively thought along with us and we are really satisfied with the resulting solution, as well as the speed with which it was realized.” Clearly, Philips and DiaSana have consolidated their good relationship and DiaSana continues to live up to its reputation as an early adopter.

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