Rethinking healthcare operations, together

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Hospital operations

Our careers are no longer simply a means by which to live our lives, they’re an opportunity to live our values and make a difference. Healthcare has always had a strong vocational calling but new figures reflect a global shift to more purposeful work.

The 18-year strategic partnership between Mackenzie Health and Philips had a clear and purposeful mission to redefine how quality healthcare is delivered using state-of-the-art technology and solutions. And to do so by forging a trusted relationship and integrating people, process and technology at all levels.

Customer story at-a-glance

The secret to a healthcare partnership that evolves and extends in value is shared purpose and a willingness to collaborate. 


The partnership was born to meet Mackenzie Health’s vision to provide cutting-edge health technology, IT and operational support for its Richmond Hill Hospital but to also create a second facility, the “Smart” hospital of the future.


By building personal relationships, augmented by strategic vision, medical technology innovation, clinical know-how, and advanced data analytics, the partnership unlocked new clinical opportunities.


Philips and Mackenzie Health developed a relationship that could flex and fuse while maximizing budget and strategically managing technology.

Mackenzie Health developed a relationship

A partnership built to last

Driven by a desire to solve the complexity faced by Mackenzie Health, and indeed all hospitals, the team began to devise a new operating model that prioritized people, designed especially to facilitate, inform and connect all aspects of the Mackenzie-Philips partnership and contract delivery.

To do this, the team developed an innovative approach to governance that empowered open conversations, impacted and informed supporting behaviors and established norms and values to ensure that all those involved operate in an aligned, transparent, inclusive and mutually constructive way.

First stop, the team began by reviewing workflows and how Mackenzie Health managed patients and data from the onset of treatment to the time when patient results were received or stored in the EMR. The team spent hours collaborating with different user groups to standardize workflows and build an integration process for all the data generated by different devices.


There was also a need to develop an asset management system that incorporated contract compliance and Paymech calculations in order to create the great level of service that the team envisioned.

Equipping the smart hospital of the future

The strategy was simple; integrate, integrate, integrate.


If a specification was created for a piece of equipment, it had to have the ability to send or receive data and, to this day, not a single piece of equipment has been purchased that doesn’t offer the benefit of data integration.

Data analytics played a key role in the delivery of planned and reactive maintenance. Access to downtime and service event data for every piece of equipment, including whether that is due to machine or user error, enabled Philips to identify gaps in asset performance – or address the need for more user training with Mackenzie’s Clinical Relationship Manager.

The personal relationships and behaviors at Mackenzie Health have been as key to success as the latest technology. Infact the ongoing discussions between Mackenzie Health clinicians and Philips and deep dives into pain points and needs were at the heart of unlocking clinical value. 

Intuitive tools for radiology

Dr. Law highlights how not having to struggle with radiology tools goes a long way. With a seamless workflow, efficiency, relationship, the right tool available at the right time gives people the confidence.

Intuitive tools for radiology

Harnessing the power of digital pathology

Dr. Evans explains how with the evolution of digital pathology, hospitals had the challenge of implementation and the disruption that came along with it and how partnership with Philips helps them in tackling those challenges.

Harnessing the power of digital pathology

Taking a systems approach

Dr. Golan talks about the importance of systems communicating to each other in a critical care setting. He explains how the partnership with Philips and through the use of Philips connected systems, clinicians able to spend more time taking care of patients and less time documenting and worrying if systems and people work together.

Taking a systems approach

Maximizing technological investments across the lifecycle

In the ever-changing healthcare world, with the complex array of challenges and opportunities, simply attempting to optimize existing care delivery models is not enough. Together with Philips, healthcare institutions like Mackenzie Health are rethinking the way care is delivered, how data is used and how people collaborate and communicate in more preventive, proactive ways.

Delivering this kind of “all of the above, and more” healthcare is best achieved through long-term partnerships, like that of the Philips-Mackenzie Health. 

Eight years since its inception, the Managed Services partnership is running like clockwork, adding and unlocking value to Mackenzie Health. Key to this has been the way the partnership treats technology as an enabler rather than the outcome. 

Partnership with Mackenzie Health

“What began as an idea about how a hospital system and a health technology provider could better work together has established a powerful new operating model that all healthcare providers can learn from. And it all starts from a position of deep understanding and care. I see how much everyone on the Mackenzie Health team care and how I and my team do. Many of us share similar stories about why we got into healthcare and what we want to achieve.”

Dawn Bruce

Dawn Bruce

Services and Solutions Lead, Philips Canada

“As organizations that deliver care, we need to bring in the same level of due diligence and rigour that a business would bring into their operations to ensure that we can bring value to our patients and to our customers”

Amir Soheili

Amir Soheili

Associate VP Mackenzie Health

Customer story

Rethinking healthcare operations, together

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