Percutaneous coronary intervention

Transforming complex PCI procedures into confident care with Philips solutions

Advanced clinical and workflow applications, therapeutic and diagnostic devices, and leading services all work intelligently together to efficiently support every step of coronary procedures including PCI - from diagnosis to restoring vessel patency.

Demonstrated results in Percutaneous coronary intervention


more hours of operational availability

Based on the comparison between remotely connected and non-remotely connected systems. Data sample from 2018 for Allura FD and Azurion systems (n=9955).



User study to evaluate new workflow approach in a simulated environment including 61 clinical users from Europe and USA



Gotberg M, et al. Instantaneous wave-free ratio compared with fractional flow reserve in PCI: A cost-minimization analysis. Int J Cardiol 2021 1;344:54-59.

Azurion with Flexvision

Azurion 7

Experience outstanding interventional cardiac and vascular performance on the Azurion 7 Series with 12'' flat detector. This industry leading image-guided therapy solution supports you in delivering outstanding patient care and increasing your operational efficiency by uniting clinical excellence with workflow innovation. Seamlessly control all relevant applications from a single touch screen at table side, to help make fast, informed decisions in the sterile field.

Dynamic coronary roadmap

Dynamic Coronary Roadmap

Dynamic Coronary Roadmap, a Philips-exclusive technology, creates a motion-compensated, real-time view of coronary arteries. Recent evidence demonstrates that DCR can reduce contrast agent by 28.8% during a PCI procedure. With DCR a highlighted coronary angiogram is superimposed on a live 2D fluoroscopic image, creating a colored roadmap that adjusts automatically, providing continuous visual feedback on positioning of wires and catheters.

Hemo wih IntelliVue X3

Hemo with IntelliVue X3

Improving productivity and outcomes is vital for healthcare facilities to meet the growing demand for cath lab procedures. To further simplify cath lab workflow, Philips introduces the Interventional Hemodynamic system (Hemo system) which brings advanced hemodynamic measurements to the cath lab. Integrated with the market leading IntelliVue X3 patient monitor, this unique combination enables continuous patient monitoring throughout the cath lab.

IntraSight Physiology


The IntraSight applications platform is where imaging, physiology, co-registration* and software all come together to clearly identify coronary and peripheral artery disease, and allow for more optimized treatment plans. IntraSight is built on a new foundational platform designed to meet the evolving needs of your lab today and tomorrow.


Technologies and innovations

  • Image-guided therapy

    Philips image-guided therapy solutions for visual guidance during minimally invasive therapies. We offer one of the broadest ranges of interventional solutions in the industry, helping clinicians treat patients more effectively and efficiently.

  • Coronary IVUS - Intravascular Ultrasound

    Learn how Philips intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging offers advanced visualization that enables you to tailor your treatment for every patient.

  • Clinically proven Azurion with ClarityIQ technology

    Significantly lower dose across the clinical area, patients, and operators.

  • Azurion

    Philips Azurion is the next generation image-guided therapy platform with a unique user experience to help you optimize the performance of your cath lab.

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