Pathology research suite

Philips pathology research suite consists of two software products, Xplore and TMA. When combined, they provide the ultimate platform for digital pathology research.

Xplore - Image and big data management system to support storage, sharing, analysis and archiving.

Xplore is a comprehensive web-based image and big data management system, designed for use in your research settings. It provides a central hub to create, interrogate, share and manage archives both for individual and collaborative studies. You can define study hierarchy, datasets, and fields, and import whole slide or TMA images.

TMA – Biomarker Discovery with Tissue Microarrays.

TMA (Tissue Micro Array) is a module designed to speed up research studies which require manual scores of TMA cores. This  powerful tool allows you to manually score TMAs online helping you evaluate new tissue biomarkers in TMAs quickly and easily.

Using TMA scoring templates, map templates, and an automated de-arrayer, ensures that TMA cores can be rapidly segmented, identified, and sent out for scoring. With a single screen/interface for viewing and scoring, scoring TMAs is easy for the pathologist.