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Cardiac imaging

Excellent image quality and streamlined analysis for a more confident diagnosis

    Open the door to clear care pathways​

    Quality cardiac care depends on efficient and accurate diagnosis and assessments, where the accuracy of superior imaging and the informed guidance of AI in a streamlined, patient-centric workflow can provide a clear picture of a patient’s condition, enabling precise, personalized care decisions.

    We'll explore how imaging technology can help deliver life-changing clinical insights to patients and cardiology care teams by providing exceptional quality in diagnostic imaging, analysis, reporting and insights across imaging modalities while also supporting staff workflow, efficiency and satisfaction.​

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    See advanced multimodality cardiac imaging solutions as presented at ESC 2022

    • Cardiovascular Informatics Solutions: advanced insights that inform clinical decisions and help streamline workflow​.
    • Echocardiography: fast, accurate, reproducible advanced quantification tools in the echo lab with seamless workflow from scanning to reading room.
    • Cardiac CT: Proven CT cardiac imaging capabilities, dose management tools, and exclusive clinical insights from detector-based Spectral CT.
    • Cardiac MR: lower scan times for high patient satisfaction while diagnosing early and confidently​.

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    Spotlight on: Cardiac CT (Spectral CT 7500)

    See beyond routine cardiac imaging with the additional clinical information of Spectral CT for advanced cardiac applications. Learn how the Spectral CT 7500's "Always On" Spectral CT workflow helps you meet the needs of all your patients with zero compromises.

    Cardio-oncology guidelines prescribe the use of Cardiac Imaging modalities​​

    Cardiac imaging modalities support a more confident stratification of cardiovascular toxicity while serving as a powerful baseline reference for treatment and long-term follow-up.​

    To read the complete 2022 ESC guidelines for cardio-oncology visit our cardiotoxicity page.​

    Explore our latest innovations in cardiac imaging

    Learn more about how our advanced cardiac imaging solutions can enable a personalized, efficient and clinically smart cardiac care that helps drive optimal outcomes throughout the patient journey.

    Intellispace portal AI with 3D models

    IntelliSpace Portal

    Review, analyze and quantify clinical information from different modalities and for various clinical indications with AI-enabled 3D models, maps and other quantitative tools.​

    Cardiovascular diagnostic information

    Cardiovascular Workspace*

    Provide a single point of access to patient’s cardiovascular diagnostic information and multi-modality images at full diagnostic quality, including prior exams, as well as findings, measurements, and reports.

    Ultrasound workflows

    Ultrasound Workspace

    ​Allow for greater efficiency in viewing, analysis and reporting by giving care teams the flexibility to adopt different workflows based on their current and future needs.​

    Cardiac diagnostic tool

    Spectral CT 7500

    Unlock the full potential of CT as a non-invasive cardiac diagnostic tool.

    High quality diagnostic imaging

    Ingenia Ambition 1.5T

    Realize the potential of MR throughout the pathway with ultrafast exams, optimized workflow, high-quality diagnostic imaging and enhanced patient comfort.

    Cardiac advanced technology

    Cardiac Ultrasound

    Enhance diagnosis confidence and clinical efficiency through superior image quality, advanced quantification tool and automation technology.

    Connect with us and see how Philips can help you manage cardiovascular disease through meaningful innovation in cardiac imaging.

    Advance workflows with meaningful innovation

    Get to confident diagnoses more efficiently with integrated cardiac imaging products and services that are designed to help care teams work more effectively throughout the patient care path.

    Purposeful innovation. Empowered care.


    Explore Philips cardiology solutions designed to strengthen clinical confidence, build efficiency throughout the care pathway, and improve cardiac care experiences.

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    * Philips Cardiovascular Workspace is the commercial name of the medical device Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

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