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Firewall solution for imaging systems

Protect your imaging systems with a firewall solution that provides an additional layer of network security without limiting device functionality 


The mShield firewall uses strict rules to control communication between the imaging system and it’s environment. The rules are fine-tuned based on the intended use of the product and therefore, by default, blocks all non-required communication. It protects Philips medical devices so that patients can continue to receive their treatment, even if there is malicious activity on the network.​

mShield blocks most typical network-based replication paths for viruses and worms, thus preventing infections.

What are the advantages?

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Prevents virus​ replication

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Reduces system downtime, saving time and money

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Proactively protects without disruption of daily workflow


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Hospital network

Malware replication prevention​

If ransomware has infected the hospital’s network (e.g. WannaCry), it cannot pass the mShield firewall to reach the medical device as required protocols are blocked. This also works in the opposite direction – if the medical device is infected, it will not infect the hospital network since required communication is blocked.


Device and data security​

Philips mShield works as a physical firewall solution that sits between your Philips medical equipment and the hospital network. It protects your device and patient data against network-based security threats. ​

mShield is configured in accordance with the intended use of the medical device. Communication to the modality then is filtered to only allow services/protocols required for normal system operation (i.e. DICOM). All other communication is blocked by default.

What we have right now… is still a very fragile healthcare ecosystem, is​ how I would describe it. And we need to move to a better place where​ devices are patchable, that they’re updateable, that they can stand an​ exploit, an attack or breach and still function safely and properly, and​ that the hospital itself and manufacturers and, again, the sector at large​ is resilient to be able to withstand that and deliver continuity of care.”

Susanne Schwartz, MD, acting director,

Office of Strategic Partnerships and Technology Innovation, FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health in mShield Whitepaper (4522 991 57051)​

Partnering for network security

Partnering for network security​

Securing medical equipment across your network is a shared responsibility between you and the medical system manufacturer. Partnering with Philips to deliver security solutions such as the mShield firewall is the basis for excellent protection of your systems.


  • Can prevent malware replication over the network
  • Ensures equipment availability
  • Provides an additional layer of security

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