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At Philips, we take pride in supporting your team through continual and proactive maintenance. Our experts are here to make sure that your equipment is functioning optimally, and that you keep pace with healthcare technology—so you can minimize downtime and get more from your investments.

Equipment maintenance services

  • Customized maintenance service agreements

    Customized maintenance service agreements

    Flexible contracts for imaging systems, patient monitoring systems and ultrasound devices are designed to evolve to meet your changing business needs.

  • Managed maintenance services

    Managed maintenance services

    Our Managed maintenance services contract covers multi-vendor equipment. It can help you minimize your imaging equipment downtime.

  • Technology Maximizer

    Technology Maximizer

    Philips Technology Maximizer boosts your clinical capabilities, and the performance of your equipment, via software upgrades and by refreshing your hardware. A cost-effective way to manage ongoing technology upgrades through your operational budget.

Our service capabilities

  • Customer Services Portal

    Customer Services Portal

    With our Customer Services Portal managing your imaging equipment inventory just got easier.

  • Philips e-Alert  Alerting solution for MRI systems

    Philips e-Alert Alerting solution for MRI systems

    The proactive, sensor-based way to enhance uptime of your MRI systems.

  • Your Customer Care Centre

    Your Customer Care Centre

    No matter what your strategic priorities or service needs, you can expect a great service experience, open communications, and a hands-on partnership with Philips. Benefit from our expertise and in-depth knowledge across the healthcare spectrum. Extend your reach through Philips and our established third-party networks.

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