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Collaborating to support clinical growth, increase throughput, and improve performance


Augusta University Health (AU Health) serves the medical needs of four to six million people across Georgia and South Carolina. AU Health was looking for strategic support and clinical expertise to drive growth, efficiency, and enhance the overall patient experience.

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services collaborated with AU Health to develop an Enterprise Transformation Program which delivers strategy, design, clinical, service line planning, and process improvement consulting. The focus is on clinical growth with a commitment to continuous performance improvement for quality patient care at a reduced cost.

The Enterprise Transformation Program includes these areas of focus:


  • Clinical Growth Strategy: Develop an overall plan for clinical growth, including comprehensive assessment of 14 clinical areas, identification of key clinical program opportunities, and development of a strategic plan to achieve market growth.
  • Enterprise Throughput: Increase patient throughput across the enterprise - from point of patient access through to inpatient discharge, including care transitions outside of the acute care setting.
  • Quality Reprogramming: Support quality programs and develop sustainable alarm management strategy.
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Where: Augusta University Health, Augusta, Georgia.


What: implement strategic support and clinical expertise to drive growth, efficiency, and enhance the overall patient experience.


How: Philips provides ownership, management, and maintenance of AU Health clinical technologies through strategic consulting guidance

The Philips team quickly aligned with AU Health's strategic initiatives. I appreciate how they have closely collaborated with our clinical and management staff. Together, we have made great progress in supporting clinical growth, increasing throughput, and improving performance across our enterprise.”

- Nancy Hannan,

Philips Relationship Director, AU Health System

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Our Approach

Our consultants begin each engagement with a comprehensive assessment including data collection as well as stakeholder interviews, shadowing, and workshops. This allows Philips to strongly collaborate with the AU Health team and execute initiatives by working both at executive and project execution levels.

This collaboration is intended to drive rapid results without disrupting clinical operations. The intent is also to engage AU Health stakeholders across the enterprise with a new way of working that supports continuous improvement and accountability for achieving annual and longer-term performance targets.
A foundation of data analytics

At Philips, we believe that healthcare transformation should be based on data, and that data should support each phase of a consulting engagement and drive our recommendations. Our team analyzes retrospective data to create and deliver data platforms and analytic approaches to help leverage data-based insights and actions.

We leverage a variety of data sources, research expertise, benchmarking, best practices, and tools to drive granular performance insights. Data sources include public data, client system data, aggregate Philips install base information, third-party data, and more.


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  • 70 improvement opportunities identified

    70 improvement opportunities identified

    Philips helped AU Health prioritize quality and performance improvement for increased throughput.

  • 32% reduced non-actionable alarms

    32% reduced non-actionable alarms

    Our team helped AU Health reduce non-actionable alarms by 32% in 3 months with no adverse patient outcomes identified.

  • Creating a clinical services plan

    Creating a clinical services plan

    Philips helped AU Health develop a Strategic Growth Plan and support the move to become a fee-for-value provider.

  • Enhanced bed management at AU Health

    Enhanced bed management at AU Health

    Reduced LOS and bed request cycles achieve $1.1m savings with the new bed management program at AU Health.

  • Improved care facilitation for $3.3 million savings

    Improved care facilitation for $3.3 million savings

    Improved care facilitation, reduced LOS, and a savings of $3.3m over 7 months at AU Health.

Learn more about the alliance between Augusta University Health (formerly Georgia Regents Health) and Philips. Read the press release detailing the 15-year alliance designed to facilitate innovative and affordable healthcare. 

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    Patient satisfaction increased to 100%

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