Philips e-Alert Alerting solution for MRI systems

Philips e-Alert

Alerting solution for MRI systems

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Philips e-Alert is an intelligent hardware- or software-based tool that keeps a close virtual eye on your MRI system performance. Using powerful sensor technology, it continuously monitors key parameters of your MRI systems – and issues an automatic alert if something is amiss¹.

System uptime || Philips e-Alert*

System uptime

Provides around-the-clock, proactive remote monitoring of critical parameters, helping you to address potential issues before they occur.
Reduce unexpected maintenance || Philips e-Alert*

Reduce unexpected maintenance

May help reduce unexpected maintenance costs for your MRI system
Enhance patient throughput || Philips e-Alert*

Enhance patient throughput

e-Alert can inform you of system issues before patients arrive, providing you with the ability to reduce unexpected re-scheduling of patients.
Environmentally friendly || Philips e-Alert*

Environmentally friendly

Philips e-Alert may help you reduce unnessecary Helium boil-off at your Healthcare facility².
Keep control of data || Philips e-Alert*

Keep control of data

Allows you to control which data is shared with Philips.
Monitor system performance || Philips e-Alert*

Monitor system performance

Delivers monitoring and trending information on system performance and environmental conditions over time.
  • ¹Specific benefits are depending on your system configuration and contract entitlements.
  • ²Only for MRI systems with a 10K magnet.