Multi-Nuclei MR for 3.0T IB

Multi Nuclei MR IB

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Multi-Nuclei MR provides integrated multi-nuclei imaging and spectroscopy for 3.0T for 31P, 23Na, 13C, 129Xe* and 19F* and is technically prepared for other nuclei. The integration includes a wide range of sequences (e.g. radial and very short TE possibilities) and preset procedures, automated reconstruction, image reviewing and processing analysis, and can be applied for use throughout the body. Compatibility: The Multi Nuclei MR IB package is compatible for DDAS based configurations of the Ingenia 3.0T, Achieva 3.0T dStream, and Ingenia 3.0T CX. The package is also compatible with Elition X and MR 7700 configurations. *Caution: Investigational device for imaging with this nucleus. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use. Clinical imaging with this nucleus requires usage of a cleared drug. No FDA-cleared drugs are currently available for this nucleus.

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