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Healthcare financing

The solutions you need. With the financing that’s right for you.

    You want access to best-in-class healthcare equipment and devices. At the same time, you need to know if your investments are sustainable over time. Philips is a leader in healthcare technology and personal health products. Philips Capital offers tailored financing services for both, helping you manage and predict costs – while staying up to date with the latest technology.

    Why financing?

    Philips Capital draws on 127 years of Philips expertise, sharing a common goal to deliver innovation and support a no-bounds approach to healthcare. In line with these objectives, we provide and facilitate flexible financing solutions, designed to help bridge the gap between your healthcare vision and your day-to-day financial reality.

    Our philosophy is based around true partnership – both in terms of the way we work with you and our chosen financial institutions. We support you to access the latest technology, while maintaining visibility into cost. This makes for easier budgeting, improved liquidity and greater peace of mind by allowing you to use your existing bank lines for other business. Moreover, ultimately it helps you on your journey towards achieving the all-important quadruple aim; enhanced patient experience, clinician experience, and outcomes, with lower cost of care.

    A trusted name in healthcare financial services 

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    A trusted partner – solutions delivered by our experts to yours
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    A variety of programs – tailored financing services in line with your cash flow needs, budgets and business strategy
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    Global coverage and competitive offerings – an international presence with strong capabilities in the worlds of both healthcare and financing
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    Up-to-date equipment fleet – the flexibility to integrate devices, services, upgrades and add-ons over time

    The world is changing…


    Philips Capital is ready to support you all the way – with a broad offering of financial services designed to help you bring your care vision to life. Explore our offerings today.

    Philips Healthcare Financing Solutions

    Bringing you closer to your healthcare vision


    Balancing your hospital’s technology requirements with the need to manage cost is no easy task. An investment in new healthcare solutions is an investment in the future – and securing preferred and timely financing is key. Today more than ever, ensuring the profitable growth of an organization over time and gaining insights into costs for better management are key concerns for decision-makers.


    Philips Capital is your one-stop-shop for financing solutions, helping you bring your care vision to life today without compromising on visibility tomorrow. Our offerings provide financing support while delivering the cost predictability, repayment flexibility and certainty you need to plan ahead.


    What’s more, as experts in both healthcare technology and financing, we help you make investment decisions in line with your vision. We believe in partnerships and remain flexible to evolve with your best-in-class healthcare infrastructure over time. Our integrated approach, supporting lower total cost of ownership and predictable payment structures, helps you make a difference to the future of healthcare by improving patient experiences and lowering the cost of care.

    More information


    To learn how Philips Capital can help you put your healthcare technology vision into practice – and reap value over time, talk to us today.

    Philips Personal Health Financing Solutions

    Laying the foundations for a healthier tomorrow


    All around the world, people are looking for new ways to take greater control of their personal health and well-being. Ways to cook healthy, breathe clean air, ensure good oral health. Ways to care for themselves and their families at home.

    The comprehensive range of personal health products from Philips supports individuals across the entire care continuum. To help you access these solutions, Philips Capital provides financing solutions in line with your specific requirements.

    We are your one-stop-shop for financial services whether you are purchasing for wholesale, retail or for personal use. We work hand in hand with you and our trusted external partners to develop a concept and payment structure that flexibly meets your expectations. Our holistic approach to financing opens up a world of possibilities, empowering you to make a difference – whether it’s for your customers or to your own health and well-being.

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    To learn how Philips Capital can help you put your healthcare technology vision into practice – and reap value over time, talk to us today.

    Personal health financing products

    Personal Health financing products


    Philips Capital offers a wide range of financing solutions for consumers and channel partners across our portfolio of Personal Health products and services with local representations in each of our markets. We work closely with a number of financial institutions across the globe to find the most attractive solution for your needs.


    This content is for general information purposes only and subject to customization, contract and financier approval. To learn more or specific requests, please contact your local Philips relationship manager.

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    To learn how Philips Capital can help you put your healthcare technology vision into practice-and reap value over time, talk to us today.

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