Nasal Alar FAST SpO₂ Sensor, Case of 20 Pulse oximetry supplies

Nasal Alar FAST SpO₂ Sensor, Case of 20

Pulse oximetry supplies

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The single patient use Nasal Alar FAST (Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology) SpO₂ Sensor* measures arterial oxygen saturation at the ala, which is an optimal measurement site for difficult-to-measure patients. It produces a strong, consistent signal, even in patients with poor perfusion¹. Designed for comfort and durability, the sensor is non-adhesive and can be used for up to seven days.

Preferred placement for low perfusion
Reliable and comfortable

Reliable and comfortable

When compared to forehead sensors, the Nasal Alar SpO₂ Sensor showed lower occurrence of pressure injuries over a period of 5 days of sensor use¹. The alar sensor doesn’t require headbands or adhesive, exposing the patient to minimal heat and pressure.
Durable SpO₂ sensor
Use up to seven days

Use up to seven days

The Nasal Alar SpO₂ Sensor can help you detect changes in oxygen saturation so you can respond quickly. One alar sensor can be used for an extended ICU stay.
Low perfusion solution
Ala placement provides reliable measurement

Ala placement provides reliable measurement

The Nasal Alar SpO₂ Sensor is placed at the ala – where the nose meets the cheek and facial arteries are fed by the internal and external carotid arteries to produce a strong, consistent signal.
Flexible use cases
Patient assessment in the OR

Patient assessment in the OR

Oxygen saturation is an important measure for assessing patients during surgery. When used in the OR, the Alar is situated on a more accessible site to anesthesiologists than traditional finger sensors.


Product details
Product details
Package dimensions
  • 270 x 230 x 127 mm (10.5 x 9 x 5 in)
Use with non-Philips healthcare equipment
  • No
Use with Philips healthcare equipment
  • M1020B, M3001A, MP2, X2 MX100, X3 MP5, MP5SC, MP5T
  • White
Product category
  • SpO₂
Product type
  • Sensor
CE certified
  • Yes
Single-patient use or multi-patient use
  • Single-patient use
Package weight
  • 1.36 kg (3 lbs)
Packaging unit
  • 20 sensors
Not manufactured with natural rubber latex
  • Yes
Sterile or non-sterile
  • Non-sterile
Shelf life
  • Five years
SpO2 Sensor
SpO2 Sensor
Adapter Cable Compatibility
  • M1943A, M1943AL
SpO₂ sensor
SpO₂ sensor
Patient application
  • Pediatric and adult
Application site
  • Nasal ala
Cable length
  • 1 m (3.28 ft)
  • * Nasal Alar FAST SpO₂ Sensor is not released in all geographies. Please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.
  • 1. Shallom M, Prentice D, Sona C, Mazuski J. Comparison of Nasal and Forehead Oximetry Accuracy and Pressure Injury in Critically Ill Patients. Critical Care Medicine. 2016;44:12(Suppl.).